We all walk through this life at our own pace. I can remember when I was younger my grandfather warning against the fast life. Then in the other ear hearing rumblings of the seemingly “slow” life. I was never much into the party life, so I guess I’ve always been a homebody. Boring life to some, but who cares. Today I want to reflect on my Christian walk and the various “speeds” life can throw at us. Those sudden hardships that take us by surprise; lost of a job, death of a loved one, death of a celebrity or someone who was seemingly idolized. I believe all these things affect our walk in someway. Another thing that I think of when it comes to this walk is the “fake it until I make it mentality”. Is everything a façade, is nothing truly as it seems? I really am all about faith, I mean as a Christian I have to be and faith is paramount, but what exactly do we put that faith in? Now that is the real question.


I think our walk defines us. The way we “pimp” or strut our stuff shows if we are confident in a situation, nervous, anxious or maybe even all of the above. I can remember back in the day a cool walk just determined how cool you were, or how cool you were trying to be. I wonder how Jesus walked. I picture His disciples and the multitudes of people behind Him, I bet He appeared to just float through the air like a holy Magneto lol. What do you want to exhibit with your walk? As I move on past the physical motion of walking, I want to discuss how you carry yourself. If it’s one thing I’ve learned in my own personal walk its this, that being a person of integrity, and a person who respects others will carry you through almost any situation. I wouldn’t say I believe in Karma per se, but I definitely believe what goes around comes around in some form or fashion, just not a one to one ratio.


This one is something I try to always be mindful of. Remember someone is always watching even if it’s just you by yourself, it’s still you and God. I don’t always give the best example. Sometimes my patience wears thin, other times I get annoyed at things and act according to what’s been bothering me and sometimes I’m just in a bad mood. Whatever the justifiable reasoning, I find myself taking a deep breath and asking myself, “what’s really troubling you”. This I feel is when it is most important to stop and smell the roses. When I find myself getting overwhelmed in a situation I often have to just take a breather. Anger is like a cancer, I heard a prominent Pastor say that stress and anger can cause you to have ulcers, I definitely believe that.

God has given us ALL something to leave in this world, whether you know that or not. What skills, talents and ideas do you have but because of the pressures of life have been lying dormant inside of you, just yearning and waiting to be awoken. As I’ve mentioned before, I went a staggering 10 years not making any music, it’s been 2 years since my last blog post! As good as it feels to be back in create mode, I sometimes think of all the ideas and things that were in my head that are now forever forgotten. Remember the devil wants nothing more than to mute you, put you on silent, our tongue and our voice are the way we reach the masses. I’m not talking about fame or a million followers, I’m talking about those in your circle, your 1000 followers on your social or wherever, even just 10 people at the office. Give what you have in your own world. Love doesn’t care what religion you are, hope doesn’t care what church you go to. Ultimately faith in Jesus is the way to go but we need love to bridge the gap. I pray we all walk together one day…..

To be continued….

Peace and Love


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