“Lazarus I’m back from the dead….Spiritual lyrics not hardcore from the top of the head…”


Good day my people and Happy New year. It is 2017 and what a great year and time to be alive. I wanted to post this on January 1st but I have been a bit behind. I hope you have made New Year’s resolutions (if that’s your thing) or are just generally in a better place than you were this time last year. I know I definitely am but of course there are plenty of things I still need to work on. My wife and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary which was wonderful. It’s such a joy to have true companionship and to have a helper, friend, and someone to confide in. A lot of people go their whole lives unfortunately and don’t make that connection with their husband or spouse or they may not be fortunate enough to find the right person. I guess what I am trying to say is I adore and appreciate my wife more than words can express.

Now as for My 2nd Coming, of course I am referring to my new mixtape “Lazarus“. It has been a long time coming actually. This will be my first brand new release since 2007. I started recording it last week and I am trying hard to release it by the end of February though it may get pushed into March or April, depending on my finances. Most know that I am a Christian rapper but the challenge with this project was keeping the Christian theme as well as touching on topics ranging from police brutality to relationships, my family, temptations and so fourth. Choosing which songs and topics to focus on while keeping it all cohesive and entertaining is what every artists has to juggle. Since I am pretty much unknown and an independent artist, I have the freedom to craft my music in any way I desire without having to worry about a record label or being to radio friendly or trendy. My end goal is to use my voice for a positive channel and of course to bring people to the knowledge of Christ. In my experience when approaching an arena that is so heavily dominated by secular music and the influence of Satan, non-Christians don’t necessarily relate or understand songs that are too deeply rooted with doctrine. So often times for me I have to make a song with scripture carefully placed in the lyrics but not beat people over the head with pray, pray, follow Jesus or your life is over. Though deep down I know there truly is no life until you have found Christ, no matter how good things appear to be. For example, one of my past songs where it is mostly about an abusive relationship I threw in “Jesus love is real love”, so the listener may hear that and wonder why did I say that in this particular context. My hope is my music will spark questions that will hopefully lead people to ask more questions that will lead them down a more righteous path, that path being acceptance of Christ.

At this point in time God has not placed in my heart to tell people how to live or to tell them they are wrong if they are not Christian or to say if you do this you are going to hell.  In my past music I had felt an obligation in a way to warn my friends and loved ones or whoever was listening that “hey, the bible says this and this is the consequences of those actions”. I felt I was helping but often times it came across as judgmental and a “holier than thou”  sort of attitude. With Lazarus things are different. With this project I am telling my story and praising God and speaking on what he has done for me. I hope to change what the preconceived notion of what a Christian rapper is. To me Christianity is a life style. So I may record a song that doesn’t mention God or Christ at all, but it will be a song about love, about helping others, about being a positive light, about being wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove. These are Christian values that I have learned through my Faith walk. This is what God has placed in my heart to share and I feel this is in line with my ultimate divine purpose.

Thank you God

On a side note, ya’ll should check out The End of Malice on Netflix. It’s a short documentary about a secular rapper who now serves the Lord. Great story and Testimony. That’s all I got for today. Be blessed my people!!!!!





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