“Time flies in the blink of an eye…cherish what you have before your time expires….

34 years old. I’ll be 35 soon in about 4 months or so. Found out today that we’re having another daughter. Life really is short. Where did the time go? I reflect on years past thinking about the future, precious times, hard times, good times all of the above. Sometimes I think about where I’d like to be by age 40, by age 50…hoping I’m fortunate enough to make it to old age. I believe God will bless me with length of days. I haven’t written in awhile, it’s been over a month, but to me it feels like only a week or two. I’ve heard life referred to as the rat race, as I get older I find myself caring less about the things I don’t have. All those pleasures in life I once had high ambitions to obtain now seem secondary, if not totally irrelevant.

At this juncture in my life besides my family and my religion, my health is probably my number 1 priority. I’m still a fairly young man, depending on who you ask. To an 18 year old I’m considered an ancient fossil but to a grand parent or senior citizen, I’m still just a baby. I tend to view myself somewhere right in the middle. I do not feel old but I do not feel young either. Largely due to my lack of physical activity on a daily basis. Once I’m back in shape, once I commit to working out regularly I believe I’ll have a little more get up and go and feel more youthful overall. Our bodies are these wonderfully crafted complex machines that still perplex medical science in many ways. It is for this reason I’m flabbergasted at the whole evolutionary theory idea and how we just evolved into what we are today, but that’s a whole different topic all together.

For those of you who have been reading my blog from it’s inception , you may find it strange  that the site is titled ‘SymboltheRapper” but I rarely do blogs on the subject of rap or mainstream hip hop. I grew up loving rap an the culture and for the most part what it stood for. Nowadays most rap reminds me of a past that I would rather forget. The nostalgia is often lined with feelings of pride and memories of my former self, prior to accepting Christ. Many of the songs and concepts I glorified or accepted, are very much unacceptable to me now if not  flat out disturbing. The art form itself though is still a very creative outlet for me and one that I have been so gifted to use even if that gift hasn’t been fully developed on my own account.


In closing I’d like to say that many of my peers did not make it to age 34 as may be the case with some people you know. Often times the small everyday things in life are the same things we end up taking for granted. How much untapped potential, or dreams that had gone unrealized, is still out there? I know my music talent sat untouched for about 7 years, as I am just now getting back into writing. Scripture reminds us to not waste the time we have and to make good use of our time. As with age comes more wisdom less regrets and hopefully more peace of mind. I hope the peace that surpasses all underdtanding keeps you and surrounds you! Peace



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