“Walking around on foot…walking around on foot….walking around life slows down…walking around life slows down…”


So this was a title to one of my songs that never got completed back in 2005. The concept was, life is so fast moving and everything is rush, rush, rush, instant gratification. Why wait when you can have it now? I was really trying to play with the idea of when you’re walking around on foot everything is a lot slower; in comparison to when you’re in a vehicle. I remember one line specifically when I mentioned,  “I even notice the cracks in the pavement, so much beauty in the world man ain’t God amazing”.

11 years later what can I take from this concept? I briefly considered revisiting this song for my Lazarus project but I want to go deeper this time around. I want to touch more people with my music so the concepts I choose need to be more engaging as opposed to a metaphor for just stopping to smell the roses. This song concept still resonates with me all these years later. You’ve heard it said patience is a virtue, why is being in a big rush viewed as a bad thing?

One thing my blog will do is ask questions, and of course I’ll give my opinions but I don’t intend to tell people what to think. At the end of the day I want to give the rarest form of expression and be candid. No rules, very little structure, just openness.

I personally have a lot of patience so it’s easy for me to take things slow, just kind of goes with my demeanor. Times when I have been in too big of a hurry I often make mistakes. In life I need to carefully plan and strategize, in essence use a level of patience if I’m to make the best decisions. I often pride myself on being decisive. There’s a fork in the road, not sure which way to go, left or right? What about straight! Blaze your own trail make your own path, I pray on the road of life that you never crash. A minor set back most good things don’t always last, just a brief rap I told ya’ll no holding back.

So walking around on foot, taking things easy, planning, preparing for the future. I think all of that equals patience and that’s why it’s said its a virtue. Can we build more patience?  Do some have it and some don’t? Well practice makes perfect, invest in having a little more patience, because your futures definitely worth it.



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