Life goes on…the sun sets and rises again tomorrow.

The great circle of Life…..

As I begin this new journey in life I look to the horizon, look to my future, enjoying every moment. I love being a family man! There is nothing that makes me happier than coming home after a long day and hearing my wife say to my daughter, “daddy’s home”. She gets so excited and everything that was stressful that day melts away. I want to talk about purpose in this post. Is our purpose simply doing what we want with our life or just going to work and raising a family? Surely being a hard working individual who raises their family well is very commendable, but is that our only purpose in life? Or let me rephrase that, is it my only purpose? I think we all can get stuck in a rut and complacent at times through life, especially when your day to day routine doesn’t change much. I think that that’s okay, but if you do desire more, if your heart yearns for more, as does mine, then it’s up to us to do something about it.

There’s nothing worst than wasted talent.

Now let’s take a second to look at talent and ability. There are some talents we may not know we have. We have to work at them, practice and hone our skills and only through perfecting our craft, we give the true talent a chance to shine through. For a number of years I let my talent just sit and do nothing. My basketball skills and my writing. I am a gifted lyricist, but because of the response of others, I did not pursue my gift or make the most of certain situations. The key is today is a new day, and if you’re reading this today it is a new day for you as well. Find your talents, find your strength and utilize the gifts you’ve been given. I’ve heard many people say they are not good at anything, but I believe everyone has a certain knack in their own specific area. Since we all are uniquely created I think we all have unique gifts as well that need  to be tapped into. Whether you’re 15 or 50 there is purpose deep inside of you. Let’s never waste the gift we have been given.

My new horizon involves getting this music out, getting out of debt, and just living the fullest life I possibly can. There’s so much influence that one mind, can bring. Some call it genius, some refer to it as just being talented, but everyone recognizes it as God- given. I personally believe it wouldn’t be fair for God to give some people talents and other people just nothing. The Bible also tells us that God is not partial, but that’s a topic for another discussion.

So find your strength, find your stride, live happy and make it to that new horizon, wherever that path may lead you. However your life turns out or whatever you choose to do, that’s what you become destined for….because there’s no other way to really know the alternative or what else was in store.



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