June 12, 2017

Patience is a virtue, in no way can it hurt you, reading that word daily so the Lord can mold you. Watching the news crazy, we losing many babies gotta remain positive can’t let it fade. The Devil trying to take me so I use that shield, deflect all his darts because the struggle remains real, keep love inside my heart release it never conceal, the truth will set you free but first it must be revealed. So glad that God blessed me especially with my kids, even though they can be annoying wouldn’t change the way I live, I am they father figure watching them grow up be bigger teaching them the bigger picture telling my story how I was delivered…


December 12, 2016

34 years God’s been good to me, not a care in the world could ever get through to me. I think all this was designed purposefully. I feel so special, I feel so honored to serve a God who will let you, make mistakes, but He still forgives you each day. I try to better myself, in each way, I feel I’m weak, sometimes I forgot to pray, I might go for weeks, but daily me and God  speak, bless Him before I eat, when I wake from sleep. When I’m at work, out on the streets, I know angels protecting me I want them directing me, letting no small things ever upset me, got bigger fish to fillet, I know I’m on my way. This here is just a season I still believe in and have hope for this nation and the world I feel the problems have become so evident, no need to magnify things that’s irrelevant


July 6, 2016

Mistakes are made everyday, some are big some are small, some require little thought guess they instinctive at the core. Everything so habitual man I need some different rules, sometimes I feel lovable though inside I’m feeling pitiful. Is it sad for a Christian to feel depressed and miserable? what more can I tolerate feeling like I’ve been given a few, chances through my life, things I did out of spite, said words that wasn’t right, though I preach taking flight. We must practice what we say especially when it’s a better day, even a blind man can see that there’s still a better way, the timing it must be the thing that stumps me everyday, that’s why my patience increase, what choice do I have anyway….

May 26, 2016

Creativity is God given, I guess talent is built in, we all have a inner diamond, some shine some remain dim…sometimes we over come sometimes we stumble from the same sin, sometimes patience wears thin, sometimes fears leave us trembling…but His glory is good must remember we gonna win…endure to the end make sure you never quit, the cures within holy power no one can give…it was God’s free gift once that confession was made, no compromise so no concession was made…the debts been paid 3 days He rose outta the grave. He chose you and me and who ever wants to be saved…free will the best gift ever feel that you’ll sway, remember God is long suffering forgiveness synonymous with His name…

May 11, 2016

Created in God’s image….created for uplifting….I feel low at times, but you know God has given…me Hope and faith…which changes everyday…not to say it fluctuates it’s rising day by day…I wake up surprised sometimes by His grace… I put it my music reminded of his greatness… Even if you’ve never witnessed…a miraculous healing…the fact you’ve made it this far, is that much more revealing…because wicked forces abound so many random killings, that could’ve been you, happened unexpectedly while you chilling…so I’m never concealing all He’s done for me…love my life more everyday, heart on my sleeve for the world to see…

May 6, 2016

Everyday should be mother’s day, you only got one, that’s why I cherish mine despite anything that she’s done, mistakes happen but she always made sure I was happy, 9 months of sacrifice a lot of moms were also daddy. Much respect for all the single parents, in school and 2 jobs sometimes I wonder how do they manage, sometimes life gets too hard and things don’t go as you plan it… But remember God’s still on the throne watching over this planet….‪.

April 28, 2016

New day new changes….new focus…tomorrow is gone let’s live in the present…positive energy feel the essence….todays message….no stressing….living every day in His glory no question…the same story…never bores me….can never forget what He’s done for me, I’m not Dory

March 24, 2016

Time flies so enjoy the ride, life’s short we must continue to strive, trust in the Lord can’t be said enough, where do you turn when the going gets really tough. I know there is a savior…He’s waiting to save ya, ever wonder why the book says love your neighbor? It’s because love conquers all, so may you never fall…stand tall over everything answer the call. His blessing on ya life….strengthens all your might… And plus it feels good….knowing you doing what is right….

March 1, 2016

Everyday I’m alive I have the option to change, everything is a choice must decide what your willing to pay, where there’s a will there’s a way, I’ll tell my kids the same, I’ve never been perfect my love for God keeps me sane, think about my wife then the pain goes away…think about my life and the blessings I’ve received, then I ask myself how ever can you grieve, then I feel relief, strength in my beliefs, then I close my eyes, and everything’s peace…

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