Sometimes it seems like things are never going to change. The uphill battle, the rat race, the pressures of life. I have heard it said that God’s timing is perfect and time and time again that has always proven to be true.

Today I want to talk about how God meets us right where we are. Whatever the circumstance, whatever the situation, I can have confidence that God is doing his thing behind the scenes even if it doesn’t seem like it at that very moment. Trusting God through faith requires a level of the unknown, because if it didn’t, then faith becomes unnecessary. I can often be my own worst critic, I get down on myself when I slip up or when I make mistakes, and often feel depressed as a result. I have learned that the enemy wants nothing more than to see us down and defeated, and when I start to feel that way, in a sense he has won. My goal is to never let him get the best of me.

It feels good to know that God has my best interest in mind. I think it takes a level of maturity to sit back and let God handle things. I find myself wanting to take care of everything on my own, but when we ask God to intervene, to help us, I believe He gets great joy out of that. I mean why wouldn’t we want God’s help? Things will definitely be easier and not harder if He helps us. Amen.

Prayer is very important as well. I remember reading a book titled “Too Busy not to Pray” by Bill Hybels and it was life changing for me, in fact I think I need to read it again. Sometimes with our 8 hour work days, even 10 or 11 hours depending on your commute, it may seem like we don’t have time to spend with God, but we must make a conscious effort. I have to make a conscious effort, it’s very crucial if we’re to grow spiritually. Just like our physical muscles, our spiritual muscles need a work out too. Sometimes I think I find myself spiritually out of shape and flabby. I remember when I first came to Christ I had a thirst and hunger for the things of God, I couldn’t go one day without reading his word. Over the years, as a result of my lack of continued commitment I have stumbled in areas that use to never phase me. Glory to God that He meets us right where we are, all we have to do is ask. It’s vital that we have a deep and earnest desire to be close to God. There is so much turmoil going on in our world with spiritual forces in high places that we have to fight. Fight with our faith and come together on one accord.


I believe that better days our coming, better ways are coming, demons will be afraid and running, God’s power through the body of Christ is more than stunning. I hope these words find you well my friends, family, and fans. Thanks for reading. Peace to you all in Jesus name. Amen.



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