“Time tells everything”


This is something my grandfather would often tell me. More often he would tell me to “smarten up”. When you’re a teenage the advice you get from your elders is usually in one ear and out the other. My grandfather also had a saying of, ” You got  two loaves of bread under each arm but don’t know it”. You may be wondering why am I starting off talking so much about my grandfather, the man I know as Dad. A couple of days ago I got a phone call concerning my grandfather’s ailing health. I wasn’t sure if it would be the last time I would speak to him or not. By God’s grace my grandfather is now in stable condition, but when you’re 84 years old your body can just shut down at any point. And I was scared.

I tried to prepare mentally for the possibility of losing my grandfather several years ago. When I was younger we would even talk about the inevitable, death. Everyone on earth will eventually meet their maker so to speak. So now when we look at the phrase time tells everything it finally clicks. Time will tell what kind of man I will be. Time will tell how I will conduct myself through life. What I spend my time doing is usually directly related to what I hold dear and important to me in life. They say cherish the time you’ve been given. Life is short. We want more time though it’s constantly running out. We want more time to relax, more time to sleep, more time to ponder thoughts, more time to travel, more time to spend in leisure activities. For me though, in this very moment, I want more time with my grandfather.

I do not know how much time my grandfather has left, but these past few days I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the good. All the things he’s taught me, all the times I thought I was right, all the times I turned my nose up to authority or thought I knew what I was talking about when he had so many more years of life experience. I find myself now anxious to teach my daughter and future children a lot of the values my grandfather taught me.

A fool and his money soon part. We’ve all heard this saying before, but I first from Rufus, my grandfather. As this month comes to a close and we move into June time continues to pass. Time is actually our most valuable asset. It’s constantly running out. Never to return. If we lend time to a stranger, lend a hand, lend an ear, spend time just listening, oh what a gift has been given. I spend a lot of time writing music. Is it all for naught? I don’t think so. Sharing who we are is one of the greatest gifts any person has to give. You are unique in your own special way.

I’m thankful for anyone who takes the time to read my posts or visit my page, because I know how valuable your time is, and it’s appreciated. In closing I want to ask how will you spend your time today? Does it matter? Do we just waste the life we’ve been given? You definitely have that choice, free will is free will at the end of the day. Let’s always be moving towards change. Change for the better!!

If you’ve made it this far in life than you are here for a reason. You’ve been given time that someone may not have. Let’s utilize our time for good, doing the things that we should, because in hindsight, times does tell everything!!



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