As I sit here this morning pondering on what to write this blog post about, I keep thinking of how my morning started. This scenario plays out almost every single day. Me and my wife wake up to my daughter’s half asleep cry or whine signifying that she is hungry. I’m sure every new parent goes through this at some point, the sleepless nights and all the other facets of child raising. I want to focus on one specific moment though. A moment that is so peaceful, so relaxing, so calming. After my daughter is fussy and I give her a bottle, she slowly slips away into a deep sleep. It is in this very moment, as my daughter sleeps, that I am at rest, at peace, I too am calm. I exhale because the fight is over, at least for the time being, and I listen to her breathe slowly, feeling so protected in my arms. I feel a sense of power because I am her protector, as she rests on my breast plate I slowly lay her down in her bed as she gets comfortable, pacifier in her jaws slowly drifting into dream land.

Throughout our hectic days wouldn’t it be great to just be able to tap into a sense of peace in the same manner as when I hold my daughter. I think it’s imperative, in fact a necessity to find some type of peace, at least for me anyway. I can only speak for myself. Stress is my biggest enemy, I despise being stressed in any capacity. They say life is what you make it but some circumstances are just out of our control. The power of prayer has seen me through. In my darkest hours prayer and fellowship with God was my only way to find solace. My pastor said a couple weeks ago that ‘I didn’t realize that Jesus was all I needed until Jesus was all I had’. I think that is so true. No testimony unless you’ve first been through some tests.

I’ve been in this faith walk for a little over 10 years. For me it is about being consistent, growing, fulfilling purpose, and enjoying life while I have it. There’s nothing more  rewarding than coming home after a long days work and spending time with my family. Or working a long hard two weeks and having a nice paycheck and can pay all my bills at the end of the month. Indeed life is what you make of it, through too much stress people sometimes want to escape. Stress is our enemy. Find peace in your day to day life, look for it in your daily routine, hunt for it, be diligent. We must make a conscious effort to find peace and be peacemakers. Now as I hear my daughter waking up it’s time for me to go.

Until my next post, Peace and Love



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